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Performance Arts Awards (PAA) Exams Dates


It doesn’t mean that the examiner will stay in your city for the whole exams sessions. The examiner will travel to several cities in mainland China during the exams sessions and will stay in your city for 1 day or a few days depending on the number of entries.


Exam Dates


Closing Dates


Mar.-Apr. 2018


1 to 31, Dec. 2017


Aug.- Oct. 2018


15 May to 15 June, 2018


Nov.-Dec. 2018


1 Sept. to 30 Sept., 2018

 2018年水平认证费用 Fees for 2018 PAA Exams




Musical Theatre


Jazz Dance


Street Dance

启蒙 Premier RMB 370  RMB370 /
预 科 Debut RMB 420  RMB 420 /
第1级 Grade 1 RMB 450  RMB 450 RMB 450
第2级 Grade 2 RMB 500 RMB 500 RMB 500
第3级 Grade 3 RMB 550 RMB 550 RMB 550
第4级 Grade 4 RMB 580 RMB 580 RMB 580
第5级 Grade 5 RMB 600 RMB 600 RMB 600
第6级 Grade 6 RMB 630 RMB 630 RMB 630
第7级 Grade 7 RMB 660 RMB 660 RMB 660
第8级 Grade 8 RMB 700 RMB 700 RMB 700

现场翻译费 Exams Interpreter Fee

  • 为了保证水平认证在全球范围内的公平性与公正性,考官全部从英国派出。各认证中心负责提供接受过专门培训的现场翻译人员,费用为:启蒙级至第5级:每个考生50元;第6至第8级:每个考生70元
  • Our examiners are all assigned from the UK. Each exam centre is responsible for providing well trained interpreter for Graded Exams. The fee for interpreter is: RMB 50 per candidate  for Premiere to Grade 5; RMB 70 per candidate for Grade 6 to Grade 8.
  • 学生在报名时,如果需要使用现场翻译,需要将翻译费与水平认证费用一起缴纳,以便认证中心提前统一安排。
  • When registering for the exams, if the candidate will sit in Graded Exams and be in need of an interpreter, please pay interpreter fee with the exams fees so as to enable the exam centre to arrange accordingly.
  • 为了保证水平认证过程的公平与公正,RSL不允许学生家长或本单位教师、或可能在翻译过程中产生倾向性的关系人员担任现场翻译工作。
  • It is not allowed for any parent(s) or teachers or any other body who has connection with the candidate to be exams interpreter.


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